Google Advertising for Real Estate Agencies


Advertise on Google's Search and Display Networks and make your advertising dollar count.

Google Search & Display Ads are one of the most cost effective methods of advertising for real estate agencies.


Sell More Properties

Find great tenants

Increase rent roll

Increase Listings

Find the best staff

Increase awareness


There are 2 main types of ad formats that can be used efficiently for property marketing: Search Ads and Display Ads



Search Ads For Real Estate


Show your ads to people who are actively searching for what you have to offer. 

Search ads show on Google's Search Results Pages and are triggered to show when someone's search terms match your realestate ad targeting.

 Examples of real estate search ads:




Display Ads For Real Estate


Display Ads include images and show on Google's large Display Network.

Display Ads are great for building awareness and for remarketing campaigns.  

Display Ads can appear on these platforms:

Websites - hundreds of popular websites

YouTube - within videos and search results 

Gmail - within mailboxs and email folders

Apps - within mobile applications on phones

 Examples of real estate display ads:




These are mobile & desktop variations of the same Display Ad:






Real Estate Ads Pricing


There are 2 main costs involved when running ads on Google: Management Fees and the Ads Spend


  1. Management Fees - is charged by us and covers a period 30 days. Includes the full management of your Ads Account. Our management fees are very competitive and we don't take a percentage of your Ads Spend. Typical management fees start from A$275 per 30 days.

  2. Ads Spend - is charged by Google when your ad is clicked or shown. The Ads Spend can be controlled by setting a daily budget and Google won't exceed that amount for the 30 day period. There is no minimum spend requirement and you can start with any amount you are comfortable with. If there are no clicks or impressions, Google won't charge anything.  

    Example: Run 1 ad at a total daily cap of $5 for 30 days. Your ads spend wont exceed $150 for then 30 days. If your ads get a total of 100 clicks at an average cost of $1 per click, the actual Ads Spend will be $100.

    You can also run your ads for less then 30 days or only on specific days and times.

    Example: Start a promotion for an upcoming auction. Start showing the ads on Thursday and stop on Saturday morning before the auction.   


No On-Boarding Fee

There is no on-boarding or registration fee! On-boarding fees can run into several hundred dollars. Save the extra fee and use it for your Ads Spend instead!



Ads Pricing For Real Estate

These prices are for Real Estate Ads only. To advertise in other categories, please contact us.

These features and options are included with all google advertising plans: 

No On-Boarding Fee

No Minimum Ad Spend

No Commission on Ad Spend

Search Ads & Display Ads

Ads Set-up & Write Ads Copy

Keywords Management

Bids & Budget Management

Stats Reporting & Analysis

Competitor Checks

Landing Page Audit


$ 535
Ads Management for 1 Month. Free Setup!
Search Or Display Ads
No Minimum Ads Spend
No Commission on Ads Spend
Includes Ads Creation
$ 995
Ads Management for 1 Month. Free Setup!
Search Or Display Ads
No Minimum Ads Spend
No Commission on Ads Spend
Includes Ads Creation


If you are placing an order, no immediate payment or credit card is needed. We will check your order and send you an invoice & info on how to send us details for your ads.




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